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handling payment refunds

a refund is the process of returning funds back to the customer. you have the option to make a full or partial refund.

payments made through can be refunded under two conditions:

  1. payment was made less than 90 days before the refund is initiated
  2. you have an available balance in your account
refund to original payment method

to avoid chargebacks, refunds must be made to the original payment method. if a refund is issued elsehow, business would still be subject to the risk of chargebacks

refund processing time

refunds are processed and sent to the card network immediately but it may take anywhere between 1 and 5 working days for the refund to reflect on the card

initiating a payment refund

to initiate a refund, follow the steps shown below

  1. tap Sales and locate the payment you wish to refund
  2. scroll down and tap Refund
  3. toggle Full refund for a full payment refund or untoggle to specify the refund amount
  4. tap Next and provide the reason of the refund (e.g. item out of stock)
  5. tap Done to initiate the refund