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how it works

On this page we describe the steps required to manage customer subscriptions, a customer subscription is a recurring payment link that is sent to a customer based on a specific schedule.

create a new subscription

When your customer subscribes for a recurring payment option, create a new subscription by making a call from your server to POST /subscription. In your request, you must include the following required parameters:

descriptionThe description of this subscription, this description will be shown in the invoice on the payment/confirmation pages.
currencyISO 4217 Currency Code (3 letter currency code)
amountA positive decimal number representing the amount customer should pay
customerId*The customer ID at paymennt Database, this is not required when the customer details are provided.
customer*Customer that the Payment link will be sent to, the system will make a lookup on the customers to find the customer with the same Phone/Email, if not found new customer will be created, this is not required when the customerId is provided.
startDateThe start date of the subscription in format (yyyy-MM-dd), This will be used as a reference date for the scheduled payment requests.
sendOnHourThe hour of day (UTC) that the link wil be sent on.
sendEveryThis is a string representing the frequency of the payment link sending, possible values are DAY WEEK TWO_WEEKS MONTH TWO_MONTHS THREE_MONTHS SIX_MONTHS YEAR.

Below is an example of how you would create a new subscription for 100.00 AED:

curl -L -X POST "" \
-H "content-type: application/json" \
-d '{
"description": "dozen of cookies",
"currency": "AED",
"amount": 100.00,
"customer": {
"id": "",
"firstName": "[Firstname]",
"lastName": "[Lastname]",
"email": "[EMAIL]",
"phone": "[PHONE]"
"startDate": "2021-08-24",
"endDate": "2024-08-24",
"sendOnHour": 10,
"sendEvery": "THREE_MONTHS"

this subscription will be sent to the customer every three months starting from 2021-08-28, so for this example the second payment link will be sent on 2021-11-28 and so on.


If you create a subscription with a start date in the past, the first payment link will be SENT IMMEDIATELY once you create teh subscription,

Pause/Resume subscription

The response from Step 1 above will result in a new checkout being successfully created for your merchant account. Once received, you should take note of the checkout id and redirect the user browser to the redirectUrl

200 Response
"success": true,
"elapsed": 12,
"result": {
"id": "1653241101733169556",
"requestId": "EXAMPLE-123.1",
"orderId": "EXAMPLE-123",
"currency": "AED",
"amount": 100.00,
"status": "PENDING",
"redirectUrl": "",